Current Favourites

Gucci Guilty

It’s winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and whilst I normally don’t subscribe to the idea that fragrances should be strictly limited to specific seasons, this one is a total winter fragrance.

The Pink Pepper, Amber & Patchouli in this perfume make me want to cover all my winter clothes in this (e.g. sweaters, jumpers, knits). It’s so cosy and sophisticated, nothing like the fragrances I used to gravitate toward (sickly, sweet and sticky smelling stuff e.g. Pink Sugar). I can’t really comment on the lasting power of this smell because I never really smell it on myself after a minute or so (this is common with perfumes though).




Pinkey-Nudey Lips!

Go-to describes this product as a super balm. This has been my favourite product as of late, as like I said, IT’S WINTER IN AUS so its bloody cold and lip chappy weather. This product is genuinely moisturising and has the most beautiful finish, I wear it everyday whether I’m wearing makeup or not. It provides a glossy sheen, but without the icky-glossy feeling. If you’ve ever used paw paw cream (e.g. Lucas Paw Paw ointment) this balm is a close texture but slightly thinner, and provides longer lasting moisture. This is with me at all times.



Derma E Microdermabrasion Scrub

I don’t really use physical exfoliators anymore, but this one is an exception. The granules in this are so fine that it does a gentle and thorough job. The scent of this product is so zesty and fresh, it honestly feels like a spa treatment each time. I got this as a sample in a Priceline gift bag and I will probably repurchase a whole tub when I’m finished with my current exfoliators.


Harry Styles – Woman

For a music favourite, Harry Styles’ whole new album is great. But one song that I love in particular is Woman. I was never that big a fan of One Direction’s music (I did know a lot of the words to their songs mind you) but Harry’s new music is right up my street. ‘Woman’ and ‘From The Dining Table’ are my two favourites.

And a new discovery

#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

I can’t yet classify this as a favourite as I only bought this yesterday… But what I can say is that I made it a fair way through in just one evening. This book is a retelling of how a young girl founded a multi-million dollar company. It is essentially a book about business, but an unconventional one. It is written in such a way that anybody can understand and engage with, and it gives you the itch to get shit done. It was actually what made me get my act together to write this post.150163585374120170802_104703

I also have a few other ideas of upcoming posts and I would love for anyone to comment on which they’d like to see next or comment any suggestions they had.

  • Wardrobe cull/haul – If I buy three items of clothing then I throw 3 out and document that.
  • A guide to the Central Coast – I could review and show photos of the best cafes, restaurants and activities to do on the coast (It might inspire me to do more)
  • My favourite wine and cheese platter picks
  • and I could do a post looking at innovative ways to store all my crap (e.g. maybe motivate me to organise my crap)

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