Go-To Skincare Review

Go-To Skincare is an all natural skincare brand created by Zoe Foster-Blake. It’s cute peachy packaging is the main hook for skincare lovers and packaging enthusiasts, as it looks stunning on your vanity or in your bathroom! This review looks at the brands cleanser, face oil and face cream. I also have the Exfoliating Swipeys & Exceptionoil, but I might do a separate post for those. So please comment and let me know if you’re interested!

Properly Clean

The first time I used this face wash I was floored! The scent is beautiful and refreshing with ginger, mandarin & lime (all natural). Properly Clean is priced at $31 for 150ml and the consistency is what I would consider a foam cleanser, although the company does describe it is a mousse. After the first two uses, I had noticed the texture on my forehead had diminished drastically. It uses Willowbark as a gentle form of salicylic acid to cleanse the pores and control breakouts. Overall I think this is a beautiful gentle cleanser, suitable for all skin types (I do not think this would be strong enough for chronic or cystic acne).


Face Hero

This is a luxurious, beautifully fragranced face oil. This product costs $45 for 30 ml. Prior to discovering this little bottle of magic, I used Rosehip oil. This oil packs a punch with 10 different plant & nut oils including Rosehip, Almond, Jojoba, Macadamia, Brazil Nut, Evening Primrose, Buriti, Arnica & Kiwi fruit seed oil. I use this morning and night for long term antiaging benefits and to balance the production of sebum. It is naturally fragranced with Orange Blossom & Rose Gardenia, I wish I could get a perfume of this fragrance! This should be next on Go-to’s to do list (say that three times fast)

Very Useful Face Cream

Very Useful Face Cream has such a unique, thick consistency. You pay $41 for 50 ml of product, and you use a small amount every time. The whole range is marketed as a line that is perfect for any skin type, however, my oily skin pals may not be the biggest fan of this one. I love the Hydration this provides, my skin does drink it up, BUT! The Shea butter & Mango butter can be known to clog pores. I feel as though it has caused some breakouts but I also eat a crap tonne of junk food at the moment, so… I can’t be sure. I’m much more concerned with pumping my skin full of the COQ10 in this product to help it in the long run, than worrying a few breakouts now. But that’s just personal preference. This face cream has such a sophisticated scent, with Fig & Oriental Rose.


One thought on “Go-To Skincare Review

  1. Good review! The Go-To products all smell so divine. Like you, I used rosehip oil before Face Hero and have found it an easy transition to make. Have you tried Exceptionoil? I get super dry skin and it has been a lifesaver (also the fragrance is 😍)


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