MIMCO Phenomena Hip Bag

I justified buying this handbag is a bunch of different ways….

“You don’t buy things like this often Ayesha” “It’ll be really good quality and will last you for ever”

And whilst both of these points are true, I still always feel a little guilty buying luxe things. But I love this bag, and I do not regret this purchase in whatsoever.

The Phenomena Hip Bag by MIMCO will run you $249.00 AUD and is a little larger than some of the other hip bags offered by the brand. The reason I chose this particular bag was because I loved the sleek, clean design and how it was so simple that I could use it on any given day with any kind of outfit.

This bag is offered in four shades: Black, Birch (taupe/brown), Honey (Brown) & Marsala (Coral/Peach). It is crafted from Saffiano Leather and is 16 cm in height and 20.5 cm in width, It is larger than their Illusion or other mini hip bags. It is so beautifully structured and will be sturdy & durable.

Phenomena Hip Bag

What I can fit in my hip bag:
A notebook and pen
A small bottle of perfume
My keys and phone
A lipstick/lip liner
A pouch to keep: elastics, tampons, band aids etc.
The bag comes with a pouch slotted in the front that serves to hold my cash & cards & change.

What’s in my bag


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