Hello to anyone who has managed to find my little corner on the internet. I don’t really know what to write in an introductory post, so this may be a bit rambly..

My Name is Ayesha Jade, pronounced EYE-sha, which yes I know is really confusing for the way that it’s spelt but my parents were trying to be unusual okay?

This blog will really just act as a journal for me as I’m not quite sure yet what the contents of my posts will be. However I can say that it will most likely encompass Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle topics. To give anybody who finds this site a sense of what’s to come I’m going to write random things about myself. I am a 19 year old University student, about to enter into my new degree, Bachelor of Business & Majoring in Marketing. I work two jobs and currently live at home.

Ever since I was young, I’ve always been fascinated by fashion and anything to do with femininity. I remember when I was 13 I had decided that I wanted to be a fashion designer and worked really hard on designing gowns and outfits.

At one point I owned 36 perfumes.. I have managed to cut it down! But only to 24 perfumes, and I still lust after new perfumes on a daily basis. In general if I smell a perfume, I can tell when someone is wearing that fragrance. I have surprised customers at work by asking them if they are wearing a specific fragrance and being correct. I think I would say my favourite fragrance at the moment is Gucci II. It is such an interesting one, when I first smelt it I thought it was a bit boring and strange smelling, but as I wore it longer and the scent settled it became this delicious, clean but warm smelling scent.

These are designs from when I was a foetus and some of my favourite skincare/perfumes

When I was younger I suffered from social anxiety. I think most kids do at some point, but when I was in high school it was at the point where I was afraid to walk around the school by myself or to come into assembly late and have everyone look at me. It stopped me from participating in sports activities, if I wasn’t immediately great, then I believed that everyone would just laugh at me. It wasn’t till I was around 17 and got my drivers license and realised that going clothes shopping by myself was more relaxing. Or that if anyone didn’t like how I dressed or had an opinion about me while I walked past them at the shops, I would just keep walking, they wouldn’t remember me two seconds later and I would most likely never see them again. Realising that A. You are just being paranoid and not everyone is looking at you walk past and thinking bad things about you, and B. It doesn’t matter if they are anyway was a super important lesson for me.

Now that I am more sure of myself and comfortable with being alone, I really want to travel somewhere by myself this year, or sometime soon. I’m thinking of going to Melbourne, I live on the Central Coast and I love the city. I might start documenting different saving techniques that I’m using to save for travel and things.

My first introduction to skincare was this tiny book that my mum had bought me when I was around 6. It was a book full of recipes for face masks, toners and beauty treatments to make at home. When I was 11, anytime I had a sleepover I begged my mum to buy us Greek yoghurt and avocados to slather all over our faces to have a pamper night. I have been obsessed with skincare ever since and constantly have to fight the urge to melt my face off with Lactic & Glycolic acid… I’m kidding (I’m not).

Anyway, I have probably made this too long for anybody to be bothered reading but if you do make it to the end, thanks for caring. More to come,


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